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Jerry and Jennifer’s Spiritual Journey

Throughout our spiritual journey, Jennifer and I always seemed to be advancing in one direction while our Christian friends were reverting to others. When we left the Charismatic movement for modern Evangelicalism, our friends were becoming Pentecostal. When we transitioned…

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An Initial Reading List For The Young

Jerry Tritle’s reading list for young men, young women, adults, and the perplexed

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2023, World Economic Forum In Davos

The recent 2023, World Economic Forum gathered in Davos, Switzerland, exemplifies the threatening of humanity that leads most inside and outside of the Church to the default position that one must be living in the Last Days, or that the…

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The Importance Of Perseverance

Christians by grace from God through His Church must persevere in the faith and in good works to the end to overcome

A sunset over the ocean with clouds in the sky.

Are We Living In The Last Days?

We’re Not Living in the Last Days

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Are We Saying to All, “Our Lord Reigns!”

The early Church Fathers of the first centuries proclaimed the reign of Christ to the nations. That’s the message we need today!

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When Did Christ’s Reign Begin? Is Christ Really Reigning Today?

Christ Jesus reigns today over all of the earth. This is the Thousand Year Reign of Christ, with the Thousand Years being symbolic symbolizing a full reign until His enemies are subdued.