Are We Living In The Last Days?

Answer: No, we are not. The Last Days refer to the last days of the first covenant between God and His people made at Mount Sinai and administrated by Moses, as shown in Table 4 in our book, The Last Days Are Behind Us: Our Best Days Are Ahead. The disciples of Jesus wanted to know from Him when the end of that age, not the world, would come to pass as they were walking among the temple and beautiful buildings within Jerusalem during the first century a place that would be decimated and burned to the ground in A.D. 70. Many Bible translations of that famous passage in Matt 24:3 erroneously translate the Greek word aeon as world instead of age, and this exacerbates the confusion. The world is NOT going to be destroyed, for then there would be nothing for the meek to inherit. The disciples were asking about the time of the end of the Old Covenant Age when the city and the temple would be left desolate without one stone remaining on top of another, which occurred with the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. From the Old Testament prophecies as well as from the obvious fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies and epistles, the church, historians, and saints of old have discerned and taught that the Last Days began with the coming of Messiah Jesus in A.D. 26 (the beginning of His preaching, teaching, and healing ministry) until the destruction of Jerusalem in accordance with Jesus prophecies in A.D. 70. The Last Days of Old Covenant Israel spanned 43 ½ years. Since the end of those days, Christ’s Kingdom has been expanding throughout the entire world, conquering the Roman Empire in a few centuries and continuing to fill the earth today. We are living in the inaugurated Kingdom of God, the New Heavens and New Earth, and we worship in the New Testament Church, Zion, the New Jerusalem.